St. Margaret Mary School Alumni, we welcome you to visit the current SMM School and see the environment where today's St. Margaret Mary School students spend their school days. Please visit and "like" the SMM Alumni Facebook page to keep in touch with SMM Alumni!

St. Margaret Mary School stands beautifully on the west side of Memorial Park.  Since it was built in 1950, the building maintains the character and beauty of its original design. The mosaic of Blessed Mary in the first-floor hallway and woodworkings of Msgr Suneg remain in place throughout many rooms. Additions and upgrades have evolved over the decades to meet the demands of educating students.

The School Principal's office has moved at least a few times in the last 70 years, the science lab has changed locations and equipment, the library expanded, computer labs have seen different locations and hardware changes over the years. There are desktop labs, iPad carts and SmartBoards hang in every classroom. The inter-scholastic athletics compete in the Raynor center while PE class meets in the gymnasium.  Innovation within the classrooms and structural changes over the years continue to prepare students for the future. 

Over 3,000 men and women have graduated from St. Margaret Mary School.  We are proud of the many accomplishments, honors, and awards that St. Margaret Mary School Alumni have earned throughout the years. 

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