St. Margaret Mary Young Adults (ages 21-39) have three main reasons for coming together:
  1. We are convinced that a spiritual connection, that basic connection with each other through the person of Jesus Christ, is the ground upon which we want to build our lives. We want to nurture our spirituality.
  2. In that Spirit, we want to embrace the troubles and challenges of our world, our community, and especially of all people our age. We want to promote justice and peace.
  3. In that Light, we are eager to be with people who appreciate and celebrate differences as well as similarities. We want to enjoy life in community.

For opportunities in the Archdiocese of Omaha, visit here.

Young Adult Co-Ed Bible Study
  • Thursdays at 8:00pm
  • 5418 Leavenworth St.

Anyone ages 21-35 are welcome!

Questions? Please call Mary Pistek at 641-923-1778

Young Catholic Professionals
Calling all those 21-40 years of age!  Please join us for our monthly social events and/or our Executive series!

YCP's Executive Speaker Series is a program of monthly speakers in which executive share their professional and faith journeys and renew the challenge to young professionals to "Work in Witness for Christ!" YCP puts special effort in to securing great speakers who share practical ways to integrate faith into everyday life, especially in the workplace.

Invigorated by a community of peers and mentors, Young Catholic Professionals are empowered to witness to their faith at work and through work, performing their professional vocations for the glory of God and seeing the workplace as a natural site for joyful evangelization. Catholics in their 20s and 30s today represent business leaders, philanthropists, young families and so much more.

The future of our Church and its role in American society rests on whether or not this generation decides to embrace the gift of their faith, living it in all its fullness in their workplaces, homes, and social networks.

Central to YCP’s mission of engaging young Catholic leaders is the importance of connecting them with seasoned Catholic professionals who have already made the choice to live out their faith in all aspects of their life. Young Catholic Professionals offers its members an avenue to engage with prominent Catholic executives in a way that is unique among young adult ministries.

If you're in college, check out St. John Paul II Newman Center at UNO!

“…the apostolate, of whatever kind it be, must be an overflow of the interior life.” – St. Josemaria Escriva.