St. Margaret Mary School helps to form students of faith, conscience, academic excellence and service in the Catholic tradition. Serving those as Christ did is inherently woven into the fabric of our school life. Parents as the primary educators of their children and St. Margaret Mary School partners with them throughout sacramental preparation.

Students in grade 2 prepare with our SMM Associate Pastor, their teachers, classmates and parents to receive their First Reconciliation during first semester.  Their second semester includes preparation at home and school to receive their First Holy Communion.

  • Daily prayer starts the school day. Students attend Mass weekly.
  • SMM Associate Pastor visits classrooms each week.
  • Sacramental Preparation takes place in second grade in anticipation for Reconciliation and First Communion.
  • Junior High students undertake sacramental preparation for Confirmation throughout an 18 month period of service work.  Small Faith Groups meet outside school and teachers offer additional instruction during the school days.
  • Theology of the Body workbooks specific to parents and 8th graders are incorporated into the religion curriculum.
  • Students communicate with local sister school, All Saints,  and international Sister School, St. John Bosco Katende Primary School in Uganda.
  • Extracurricular activities are available for students including:  Crew Team for Youth Ministry, Spartans Ablaze after school prayer group, Jr. Legion of Mary, and Youth Group activities for junior high students.
  • Students bring food for the Omaha Food Bank during the Thanksgiving Food drive contest.
  • Religion textbooks remain in conformity with the USCCB.
  • Monthly casual days raise funds for social community, national and worldwide causes.
  •  A yearly cookie drive brings funds to the Hearts Ministry.

2nd graders attend a First Communion Retreat. Students  and parents bake bread to share with classmates. Focused videos, activities and discussion provide a deeper context for their upcoming sacrament.

5th graders attend a Kindness Retreat lead by the Youth Frontiers from Minnesota.

Students enjoy school day retreats while learning spirituality through games, groups activities and song. 

7th grade students attend a Courage Retreat lead by the Youth Frontiers to foster critical thinking as they encounter decision making in their personal lives. 

8th graders attend a class Retreat as part of their sacramental preparation for Confirmation. The Confirmation preparation program lasts approximately 18 months, including service projects within Small Faith Groups.