St. Margaret Mary School students have access to services provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Our specialist, Mrs. Joanie Cahalan, contracts with the Omaha Public Schools to provide speech-language therapy services on-site at St. Margaret Mary School.  Students are identified and referred for screening and evaluation through teacher and/or parent referral.

Each semester a new set of diverse course opportunities are published in the Monday Memo for interested students. Enrichment classes are scheduled right after the school day and held in the school building. Course selections change each semester.

Professionals from industries within the Omaha community offer their expertise for a 4-6 week class. Courses are targeted for specific grade levels.

All grades have an opportunity to participate in at least one course. Past courses include Egad Science!,  Scrabble tournament, robotics, junior robotics, beginning web development, fun with legos, 3D video game design course, and knitting.