Daily Bell Schedule 

The school day begins with a morning bell at 8:10 AM and afternoon dismissal at 3:10 PM

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Please follow these drop-off and pick-up procedures to make mornings and afternoons operate safely and smoothly for you and your children.

Please drive slowly on the neighborhood streets around St. Margaret Mary School. 

To create a safe environment for school children walking and for all families, the streets around SMM school follow a one-way pattern before and after school. Please see the map below to understand the traffic flow. 

  • Traffic is one-way going south Underwood Avenue to Chicago Avenue on 61st Street. 
  • Traffic is one-way going east from on Chicago Avenue from 61st Street to JE George Blvd.
  • Traffic is one-way going north on JE George Blvd from Chicago Avenue to Underwood Avenue.  

Vehicles may not turn west on Chicago Avenue from the lower circle drive. Only cars dropping off in the upper blacktop lot may turn left out of the upper parking lot to travel west on Chicago Avenue.

Traffic flow map:

Sycamore Education System

St. Margaret Mary parents and administration communicate securely with Sycamore Education system